4 Programmatic Trading Models - How does it work?

Discover the 4 programmatic Trading Models: Classic SSP, Header Bidding, Server-Side Enterprise, Full Stack.

Where's your Business at?

Your unique needs, our unique approach

Transparency: A view on the Demand Side

Improve Digital SVP Demand & Partnerships, Daan Onland shares his view on what Transparency means for the Demand Side.

Transparency: A view on Business Operations

Improve Digital COO, Marc Roos explains his view on what does Transparency means for Business Operations in the Ad tech industry.

10 Tips to survive DMEXCO

Discover our 10 tips to survive dmexco - the digital marketing exposition and conference in Cologne the 13-14 of September 2017.

What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Discover how to Incorporate video into your advertising strategy to offer your audiences a frictionless ad experience and advertisers a format they crave!

Cannes Summit 2017

Relive our Cannes Summit 2017 we hosted this year in South of France. With the top of Europe's media experts, we shared inspiration and knowledge, and stirred up discussions around the theme 'Everywhere Screen: Defining the Screen Age together'.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten - Cannes Summit 2017

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder and CEO at The Next Web shares his thoughts on our Cannes Summit 2017.

Jochen Witte - Improve Digital Cannes Summit 2017

Jochen Witte Director Audience & Platform at Admeira shares his thoughts on our Cannes Summit 2017.

Guillaume Charles - Improve Digital Cannes Summit 2017

Guillaume Charles, Deputy Director General of M6 shares his thoughts on our Cannes Summit 2017.

Andrew Buckman - Improve Digital Cannes Summit 2017

Andrew Buckman, EMEA Managing Director at Sublime Skinz shares his thoughts on the Cannes Summit 2017

Programmatic Talk Copenhagen - Anders Petersen

Discover as part of our Pop-Up Office program in Copenhagen, Anders Petersen, VP of Sales Nordics at JustPremium Ad Exchange